Ponte di Diavolo


The legend of Ponte Diavolo. The man appointed to build the Ponte Maddelena despaired at being unable to finish his job on time. So Lucifer approached him and kindly offered to help. The man was deeply grateful, and couldn’t believe his luck. But of course, there was a price to pay. “The first soul who crosses the bridge will be mine” said the devil, ready with the contract in his hand. The man agreed. After all, what was a single soul in exchange for a bridge that would bring money and travelers to the town?

It took a single night for the unholy creature to complete this majestic bridge over the river Serchio, near Lucca. The following morning, when the man saw the imposing bridge reflected in the water, he finally realized what he had done. He ran to his confessor and told him everything. “Don’t worry” said the priest’ “we’ll send a pig to cross the bridge before anyone else”. The devil, outwitted, and scorned, dove into the Serchio never to be seen again.